Raw Organic Whey Protein Reviews

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The Best Whey. Period.
I was almost at the point of cutting whey out of my diet entirely. It has great health benefits, but I couldn’t find one with a clean, pure, unadulterated taste. Everything I had previously tried tasted processed and had tons of additives or stevia, etc. Furthermore, I couldn’t find one that guaranteed the cows eat only the grass they’re supposed to be eating (so no hormones are needed to help with their digestion) and are grazing in the sun and not penned up, which is not only good karma but makes the whey healthier. Added bonus it’s processed at low temperatures.

I kind of balked at the price on this, but decided to try it and I’m REALLY glad I did. Tastes AMAZING! Very subtle, almost fresh taste. No icky odors or chemical aftertastes. Even smells great when you open the bag. I’ll never buy another brand of whey powder again. Tastes just like whey should – EXCELLENT PRODUCT!
-By Sara

Awesome product!
Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! This is really delicious and without any other additives. I am very allergic and just wanted pure, organic whey without all sorts of other bells and whistles. I’m so glad I found them and they are organic and use humane farmering methods and the service was great. It was a match made in heaven for me!
-By Anne Dugaw

Very Versatile
I wanted an unflavored, unsweetened source of whey protein to mix into smoothies, breakfast oatmeal, etc. Love that this is from pastured raised grass fed cows, and is totally organic. It mixes really well. Totally worth the expense.
-By A. Nelson

Raw fooder
This protein powder tastes great and I can tell it’s high quality. I get no upset stomach issues like I would with protein powders I’ve tried in the past. It’s expensive and not as large as your conventional protein powder jar, but I personally prefer quality over quantity, especially when it comes to what goes in my body.
-By Norman Freeman

Silky smooth taste
I bought this product to put protein into a morning smoothie. The protein powder made the drink taste so rich, (just blended with frozen berries, milk, banana, nutmeg and chocolate powder), that I have used it in every breakfast drink created since. -Delicious and cannot wait for the protein-spiked, post-gym results — happy days!
-By Natalie

Great Health Product!
Taste is almost non-existent so great to combine with whatever, and dissolves completely! Love the processing (or lack there of) as well.
-By J

Awesome Product
I eat mostly organic food, and live an active lifestyle, so I’m always on the lookout for a good protein source. I often have trouble assimilating dairy-based protein powder, but this one is awesome, and I have no troubles digesting it! Great as a meal replacement blended with fruit, excellent for post-workouts. This whey has become an essential part of my daily nutrition.
-By AV70

So good!
Creamy & fluffy taste due to much less processing (acid-free processing & low temp processing). And because the cows are healthy and eat grass, Love that there are no sweeteners!

It comes from and supports small, sustainable US farms that treat cows well (pasture access, no GMO, no hormones, no pesticides).

Can be used in so many tasty smoothies which are just as good for you, but taste like milkshakes! Try adding a serving to a blender with some milk, ice, a banana, cocoa powder and almond butter, delish!
-By nicoladaluv

Worth every penny!
It’s surprising to me that people will go the extra mile and dime to buy grass-fed organic milk, but then don’t think twice about consuming non-organic whey protein powder. I gave this product a try because it was on sale and a little cheaper than the some other organic whey protein — but mostly because it was organic and raised on small-farms sustainably. I received it within a couple days of my order and this stuff was really tasty(not a huge fan of the taste of vegan protein powders and some other whey products(like NOW) have left me with digestion troubles) — so tasty that my roommate consumed half my bag. It says 14 servings(1 serving = 5 tbsp), but I’d say we managed to get at least 20 servings out of the bag by adjusting the serving size down a bit. I did find that it helps to use a blender(or some similar device), to avoid clumps. Just placed another order…. afraid this may become my new healthy indulgence.
-By Nuttmeg

An amazing food! The taste is smooth, creamy and sweet and the energy I get from my breakfast drink keeps me going for a long while. I don’t tolerate dairy very well but, at the recommendation of a friend, I tried this product. Iam definitely hooked.
-By BR

Excellent Product – Delicious Taste
I’ve tried a lot of protein powders and this one sets a new bar for taste as well as quality. I lead an active lifestyle and I am mostly vegetarian. I get a real boost from this product. It also helps me from filling my diet with too much sugar. I use this product in a variety of ways — from smoothies to raw truffle treats– at night when I want something a little sweet I’ll mix it with little yogurt and it satisfies my sweet tooth. Other protein powders add a bunch of stuff/fillers — this product has one ingredient and I think that’s why it’s so easily digested without any issues.

I received the product within a few days of placing my order and customer service has been great with a few questions I initially had. I’ll be ordering again soon — strongly recommend this product.
-By NathalieT2

Best Whey Protein Out There
I’ve tried A LOT of protein powders and this one is top of the list for quality and purity of ingredients. It tastes great too and mixes nicely for shakes. I wanted a product with just 100% whey protein, and this is the only one I found that doesn’t have any fillers or sweeteners and is also organic from grass fed cows. I can tell from the taste that it is a higher quality than the ones I normally buy from the grocery store. I used to use Jarrow’s whey, but it has a bitter taste whereas this is nice and creamy tasting. Jarrow’s also has a soy additive, but this one is 100% pure organic whey protein. I didn’t realize what good quality whey protein was supposed to taste like until I tried this one… HUGE difference.
-By OrganicAthlete

Great Product
Enjoy this whey mixed into my yogurt for extra protein for breakfast. It is very smooth and creamy providing a rich tasty pudding like treat! The extra protein lasts me all morning from exercise class til noon with no interest in snacking.
Love having an organic raw healthy whey product that contains no additives to worry about. Since it has no added flavor or sugar it can be mixed with anything – making fruit or veggie smoothies, rich chocolate ‘pudding’, cooked cereal, flavored shakes…the list is endless!
-By Ladybug

Best Whey Ever!
I have tried a few other protein power supplements in the past. Generally they seem to upset my stomach or have a strange taste. This is not the case with Raw Organic Whey. Not only does it taste natural and fresh it is very easy on my stomach. I believe it is even better at muscle rebuilding than the other packs. I had just finished a run and was trying to do my chest presses soon after. I knew after the first 2 sets I was not going to be able to finish. I mixed Raw Organic Whey with some milk really quickly and was able to resume my workout to the same level on days I don’t combine with running. Overall I am extremely satisfied.
-By Laser1

Simply perfect whey protein.
Over the years, I have kept refining my nutritional assessments to keep as fit as possible. As a long distance cyclist, I want the very best nourishment I can get while out on century rides. I tried Hammer products for a couple seasons but wasn’t happy with the fact they weren’t organic and were not raw. I talk to their customer staff and they say they just couldn’t sell organic because it’d be too expensive.

I’ve tried other organic whey protein products too at considerably higher costs, but I am very please now to have Raw Organic Whey.

Raw Organic Whey is the highest quality product available at the lowest price. I hope they come out with a raw organic chocolate flavored product soon!
-By Joe

Great health product!
Taste is almost non-existent so great to combine with whatever, and dissolves completely! Love the processing (or lack there of) as well.
-By J

Tastes like a milkshake but Healthy!
I was amazed to find how delicious this product was. I haven’t had whey protein by itself before and I was very happy to find how really good it tasted. It has served my cravings for lattes which I am trying to back down on. It is not only delicious but very high in protein which is mainly why I drink protein shakes. I love that it is raw and organic which makes it healthier, easier to digest but also supports the planet. Highly recommend it!
-By Karen

Pure organic whey from sustainable farms
I have used this whey powder in smoothies and have also stirred into hot cereal – I love it! It is delicious, healthy; and I love the earth-friendly packaging!!
-By Susie Z

Organic Raw Whey
This is the best Organic Raw Whey Protein on the market- in my opinion. The taste is excellent, it blends easy with milk, soy milk, and whatever else you would like to add for a great nutrious shake. I highly recommend this product to anyone that loves good nutrition and excellent taste.
-By Carolyn

5 Stars
My husband use this in smoothies and it blends so well that you don’t even taste it.
-By Michelle

Tasty and healthy
I read that whey protein was good for cancer patients, and got it for a relative who was recently diagnosed. She puts it in smoothies and loves the taste.
-By M. Lerner

Great Protein Supplement!
Excellent product. I needed something organic (no hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids & grain-free), not an isolate, without sweeteners, no artificial flavors and also containing no soy. This was perfect. I have tried several other protein powders and shakes…organic and non-organic. Most tasted awful, were too sweet (even those with stevia were too sweet), chalky or grainy, gave upset stomach and/or gas.

I do strength training and cardio type workouts. Sometimes, it’s very hard to get enough calories and protein in during mornings and/or prior/after to workouts. Protein powders are a useful option for me. I wouldn’t drink this powder alone (I hate the taste of milk), but mixed with cacao powder, PB2 powder & very small amount of coconut sugar or raw honey, it’s pretty good stuff. I also mix this in with an organic “super food” mix and/or with various berries. I have no issues with this product, and it’s very easy to work with.
-By Moo

Raw organics for President!
Most of the others have fillers and garbage in them, there is a reason you need protein that comes from a GRASS-FED ANIMAL!
-By Matthew R.

Great Products
This is a great product. I buy it on a regular basis and use it each morning in my smoothie. I feel very energized by it and like the taste of it as well. Great product.
-By Annie G.

Don’t poison your body with commercial protein powders. this is the most amazing product you’ll ever have. its pure. its nearly tasteless. barely changes the consistency of the water! smooth and pure texture. and good for you.
-By no0o

If you are looking for something organic, good for you that does not contain soy like I was, and is delicious!!!! This one is for you, I LOVE this product, will be purchasing again!!
-By Angelia E.

Awesome organic whey protein!
We love this product! It is organic, high in protein, nothing added, and processed at low temps without acid! We use it regularly!
-By Paula K.

Good Stuff
I make a smoothie for breakfast every morning and was looking for a protein powder to add. I chose this one as I like the fact that it is all natural (only one ingredient!) , cold processed, and unflavored. I will be buying more.

My smoothie recipe:
1 Banana
Frozen mango or frozen mixed berries
Small Handful of spinach
Whey protein
-By Bert
Creamy Tasting Whey
I like the mild, creamy taste of this product. No sweeteners, so add your own or not. Mixes beautifully in the blender. Will definitely buy again.
-By Linda D.

I have been in search of a decent organic whey protein powder that didn’t bloat me or make me feel thick. FINALLY, I found a protein powder that tastes good and is good for me. I am ordering my second bag. AWESOME PRODUCT.
-By Fantastic

Love this Whey!!!
This is totally excellent! I highly recommend it for anyone. This organic whey protein was much better than I expected it to be.
-By Dave CF

Very Delicious!
Very rich and delicious organic whey. You will love it! It is a bit pricey but raw, organic foods usually are. It is good to know you are feeding your body clean whey instead of hopped up, chemically treated whey.
-By Sukie

Great product – I recommend it
I really like this protein powder. It has a great, mild taste without ANY additives. I’ve recommended it to my readers if they tolerate whey protein.
-By Diane M.

We love this whey protein powder
This raw organic whey is sugar free and it tastes great. We mix it into smoothies and make protein balls with it.
-By Susan KM

I like it…a lot!
This stuff tastes like no other. I really like it and being that I track my daily protein intake, I can always get a big chunk of my daily protein taken care of with a wonderful smoothie concoction containing this Raw Organic Whey.
-By Shebwp

Smooth texture, no chalky after taste and digests really well
This tastes like raw fresh milk from a farm. I blend it with Organic milk and get a nice 30g of protein from one glass (beer mug). It’s rich and foamy with a smooth texture, no chalky after taste at all.

I imagine with frozen fruits this would be a really nice treat (strawberries, bananas etc). I have acid reflux and with most foods I get uncomfortable, especially with protein supplements but the best part of this whey is that it soothes my esophagus.
-By Hrcon

If You Want the Best Whey In the World, Try This!
Wow, what a great product. This is the best whey I have ever used. Worth the money and goes a long way too.
-By K. Dooley

Loving the sweet, creamy taste
Wow! I’m so glad I listened to a woman I recently met who informed me that regardless of my being “dairy intolerant” for decades, I should consider organic whey protein. I should say that we did not get as far as which brand; I am taking credit for finding YOUR company on my own – and SOOO glad I did.

I have been taking it for just a week and am having absolutely no problems digesting it. My health has taken a turn for the worse, and the hemp protein just wasn’t seeming to be enough. It’s as though I can feel my body’s craving for this stuff.

Loving the sweet, creamy taste, and knowing the purity of the product. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
-By Paula